Let's celebrate women and honor their excellence!

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Thank you Cassandra Peltier, Andrea Harrington, and Linda Tyer for visiting and answering our students' questions!


Thank you Shanique Maloney and Julianna Salivonici for your beautiful performances!


Thank you Ms. Chelukhova for all the incredible work you've done to organize this celebratory event!

March is Women's History Month!

On Thursday (03/08/19),  BART hosted its first International Women's Day Assembly to celebrate the day that honors women, acknowledges their accomplishments, and recognizes their struggles.


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Yesterday during the assembly, I almost cried...because of the realization that women must always work harder to achieve their dreams and that just because you have made a mistake...that does not mean you can’t be successful.  Here’s to all the single mothers out there who struggle everyday to make sure their children can live a happy life unlike their own. Here’s to all the girls who have to deal with being seen as an object rather than a human being. Here’s to every single woman who had to put on a brave face instead of crying because the world told them they have to be stronger than the rest. Here’s to all the women who didn’t listen to all the people around them that said they would never make it. Anyone can make it in this world. Every single woman is a goddess who can make this world whatever they want. Just remember, it’s okay, dear. Don’t cry, beautiful. You are so perfect in so many ways that nobody can truly love you without being just a little bit jealous of how brightly you shine.