Cultural Traditions: The Music and Dances of Africa

BART and Berkshire Pulse partnered up to provide our 6th-grade class the opportunity to explore and engage with Pulse’s Cultural Traditions: The Music and Dances of Africa.

This in-school residency program uses African dance and drumming as a vehicle for students to understand the context of the arts in history as well as explore the concepts of folklore and storytelling. One student, in particular, Roos Naffie Bajnath, shared her story of living in the Gambia and taught her fellow classmates and teachers how to say Jaam nga am? (which translates from Wolof to mean “how are you” or, more literally, “have you peace?”).


Thank you Kim Waterman, Aimee Gelinas, and Dan Cohen for working with us and making it possible to provide our students with this experiential learning opportunity!

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"It was cool because we got to learn about different cultures, especially about Cuba."

"I liked how everybody got to do something. Usually, at assemblies, not everyone gets a turn."

"It was a whole lot of fun - really good time. I liked learning more about African culture and dancing."

"I think the best part for me was when we did the circle and people got to go in the middle and dance."

“I learned more about Africa and its traditions.”

"I liked how they taught us the name of each drum."

"I liked how everyone had a part, and how we all danced in a group."